How do your lessons work?


Our lessons run by sessions. You will register for the day and time that works best for you. We can only accomodate one (1) make-up day per child, per session. Make-up days are only available due to illness or other unforeseen circumstances.

   We do NOT have lessons on major holidays, so please check and double check you enrollment for any days during your session that we do not meet. 

School Year Sessions (end of August through end of April) are 8 weeks long with swimmers meeting once a week (M, T, W, Th, or Sat.) 

May Session is 4 weeks long, with the swimmers attending at the same time on either Monday/Wednesday or Tuesday/Thursday.

Summer Sessions (June/July/beginning of August) are 2 weeks long, with the swimmers attending at their allotted time M, T, W, AND Th (4 days a week.)

Saturday lessons only meet on Saturdays. We may take a weekend off for a Monday holiday (like Memorial Day or Labor Day) so please pay attention to any no class dates on your enrollment e-mail.

Private Lessons

    We offer private lessons for anyone who is at least 3 years old. At 3, most children are moving past their "stranger danger" phase so they have less anxiety about getting in the water without a parent. Many children will still be anxious, but we can help them! At this age, most children can also touch the bottom in our shallow end. We have a bench and step stools for children who are not quite tall enough yet. Being able to touch gives them extra confidence in their own safety.

    Most of the time, we have 3 private lessons occurring at one time. You may occasionally see up to 4 or as few as 1. Each lesson has the same basic format. Our teachers are trained to continualy assess their students and meet them where they are at that day. Each lesson will include versions of the following: front float with a kick, Big Arms (freestyle), back float with a kick, Tall Arms (backstroke,) Breathe & Blow (freestyle side breathing) and jumps or safety skills.

   There is NO age limit on our lessons. If an adult (14+) would like to schedule a more private time, please contact Miss Meredith to set it up: [email protected]

Infant-Toddler Classes

   Our Infant-Toddler classes are for children 6-35 months old. Each class maxes out at 6 children and each child MUST be accompanied during the class by a parent or other trusted adult. Each class is an instructor-led play time to help children become more comfortable in the water and to help their adults learn more skills to play with them. Every class takes place in the shallow end (3 ft.-nearly 5 ft.) and includes the following: greeting songs, stations with instructor led jumping/safety/floating skills, play songs with directions, and good-bye song.

For more information about our classes, please visit our "Types of Lessons" page. 

For more information about what we teach, please visit our "About" page.

Why are your lessons only 15 minutes long?

     When we first bought the school, we continued with the small-group, 30 minute lessons that were already in place....And then the COVID-19 shut down happened. In order to re-open, we had to do private lessons. 15 minutes not only divided our hours up evenly, but it is in line with the average attention span for most of our swimmers. The average 4 year-old's attention span is around 10 minutes, making 15 a good compromise for the variety of ages we teach.

     Plus, we realized we got waaaaay more done in 15 minutes of one-on-one lessons than we did with 30 minutes with 4-5 swimmers.

Can I request a specific instructor for my child?

     Unfortunately, our current enrollment system does not allow you to request specific instructors. All of our instructors are trained to teach the same steps in the same order

How do I know when my child is done with lessons?

     1. Unless otherwise noted on your enrollment e-mail, all of our sessions are 8 lessons long.

    2. When your child can successfully swim Big Arms (freestyle) and Tall Arms (backstroke) for a full length of our pool, they will receive a graduation certificate. This means they are water safe and ready to join a swim team,. They no longer need lessons at our pool.

My child had to miss a lesson. How do I make it up?

Make up lessons are only honored due to an illness or a similar unforeseen circumstance. We do not have the time to reschedule everyone’s lessons due to an appointment or other conflicting commitment. 

Due to limited space, we can only honor 1 make up lesson per child per session.

Miss Meredith periodically e-mails out the SignUp Genius for make up lessons. The QR code is also available on the hallway bulletin board across from our restrooms.


I’m trying to enroll in lessons, but something’s not working correctly. What should I do?

First, give it about 5 minutes and try again. Sometimes the website just needs a break to catch up to everything that’s going on. (Especially when it’s the first day of enrollment for a new session.)


If that doesn’t work, please e-mail Miss Meredith: [email protected]

She will do everything she can to help you!