About Us

     In July of 2020, Allison and Meredith- the Sides Sisters- became the proud owners of the Barb Graeve Swim School. The Sides Sisters have over 40 years of combined swimming and teaching experience. Their accolades include Nebraska Coach of the Year and being inducted into the Swimming Hall of Fame at Burke High School, Omaha Public Schools, and the Metro Conference.  As former teachers and high school swim coaches, they have coached numerous Nebraska state champions and All-Americans. In their own swimming careers, they have over 20 individual and team Nebraska state championships!

In short, swimming is what the Sides Sisters DO!!

     Teaching children to become water safe is the ultimate goal of The Sides Sisters Swim School. Once water safety skills are acheived, we take pride in providing a strong swimming foundation allowing your child to take their swimming journey to the next level. The Sides Sister Swim School curriculum is a proven method based on a step-by-step process for your child to become water safe and evolve to proficiency in freestyle and backstroke. Once proficienct in freestyle and backstroke childen are ready to move on to a swim team.  

June/July 2024 Enrollment IS NOW OPEN!!


10802 Forrest Drive
Omaha, NE 68144